Carimali Blue Dot Plus Coffee Machine (incl Milk Fridge)


The Carimali Blue Dot Plus coffee machine offers two bean hoppers for either two different coffee bean blends or perhaps a regular and a decaff coffee bean option. The two soluble containers allow hot chocolate and perhaps a flavoured cappuccino like hazelnut, caramel or vanilla, to be available for really upmarket coffee beverages.

The coffee machine comes complete with a milk fridge to keep your milk cold and hygienic throughout the day.

The Italian design and build quality ensures that you will be able to offer high quality coffee beverages in any restaurant, office or other business setting.


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• Small office application
• Direct water connection
• Fully automatic one touch cappuccino
• Coffee boiler capacity : 0.6 l
• Coffee hopper capacity : 0.6 Kg
• Drip tray capacity : 1.0 l
• Includes 2 coffee hoppers
• Includes 2 soluble containers
• 2 espresso’s per minute
* 15gr brewing chamber
• 2 cappuccino’s per minute
• Adjustable cup dispenser height
• 8l water softener

Dimensions: W 368 x D 640 x H 585 mm and weight of 30 Kg

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