Coffee Machine Rentals

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Coffee machine rentals

Rent with ease...

We hire coffee machines for use in offices, showrooms, cafes, factories, hotels and in fact any space where good coffee is needed. Check out this short animation to understand why renting is a great option.

So whether you are a 5-person business looking to hire a coffee machine for your small office or have a few thousand staff and need a packaged coffee machine hire solution, we can do it all.


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What type of coffee machine would you like to rent? We have developed an easy decision guide to help you decide and you can access it here. Or want to estimate your monthly costs? Use this handy calculator.

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Give us a call or send us a mail. Tell us what you need or if you are still unsure, we’ll discuss the options with you. We’ll even come to you to see your site and offer you a coffee machine solution.

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We’ll send you a proposal with the options we believe will meet your needs. You then select the coffee machine, consumable and drink choice combinations you want. 

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Your coffee machine will be delivered and installed. Our team will show you how to use your machine, how to keep it hygienic and finally, you’ll have access to great coffee 24/7/365!

What customers say about US...

“Great coffee and great service. Will definitely buy from them again


IT Company

“Very fast delivery with great prices


Small Business owner

“Fast delivery and nice packaging. The coffee is delicious too


Business Manager


Simplicity at the touch of a button

Automatic coffee machines

Rent automatic coffee machines with one-touch-cappuccino capabilities using fresh milk. Coffee shop quality coffee in your business at a fraction of the price. We stock Dr Coffee coffee machines.

office coffee solutions

Coffee vending machines

Rent a coffee vending machine with coffee, milk, hot chocolate and sugar on board. The beans are ground when you make your selection and our range of consumables includes creamy milk topping and rich hot chocolate. 

restaurant and cafe options

traditional espresso machines

Rent traditional espresso machines with or without a grinder for your office or catering establishment. We offer full barista training too, so you’ll have coffee, coffee machine and barista talent to offer your clients!

When you need a lot of coffee... fast...

filter coffee machines

We rent pourover coffee machines with filter coffee delivered each month. Order two boxes of 50 x 80g sachets (that’s just five pots of coffee a day) or eight boxes of decaffeinated 10 x100g sachets, and get your machine free!

Rent From US

If you are a business that has been trading for at least a year and you have a minimum of 5 staff, then we would like to offer you the option of coffee machine hire. So why choose us?

range & CHOICE

Choose from a wide range of coffee machines, contract options and coffee, including the Mugg & Bean, Loba and Barney’s Army blends. Change anytime you want


We will install your coffee machine rental, train you how to use and clean the coffee machine, and then we maintain and service the coffee machine at no cost to you.


Our value bundles bring you a coffee machine and a coffee beans that are delivered to you free of charge every month. You’ll instantly see the benefit of renting a coffee machine!


Never have to worry about your machine having to be repaired. All our plans include full and free maintenance. If your rental coffee machine misbehaves, just call and our technica team will be there within 8 hrs.

Upgrade / downgrade

Business needs change all the time and so if you want to upgrade or downgrade your coffee machine, just ask. You may even want to change the type of machine. We’re happy to match your coffee machine to your changing needs. 

more beans ?

Need more beans or other consumables, just place your order online or give us a call. We deliver additional products free of charge for orders over R450-00.It really is that easy to ensure you always have stock.  

We're offering YOU something extra...

Peace of mind …. not often found in today’s world! But we’re the company that roasts coffee and supplies coffee machines to Mugg & Bean, Wimpy, Vovo Telo, Fego Caffe and a host of other well known coffee shops, cafes, restaurants and large retail chains! We are food safety accredited too.

Our aim is to make sure you get what you need and are 100% satisfied! 

We have built our reputation on that.

This is a cappuccino coffee drink made from coffee beans and steamed and foamed milk