Overview of our Coffee Machines

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Our coffee machines include manual espresso coffee machines, automatic coffee machines , coffee vending machines and filter coffee machines. They can be used in homes, small offices and large corporate businesses. Our coffee grinder range extends from small models through to grinders capable of delivering under pressure in large restaurants and other catering enterrises.


Coffee machines are very much a part of everyday life, and are built for various applications. We supply coffee machines to homes, offices and business establishments in general, and we also supply the catering industry. 

Our range of Wega manual espresso coffee machines is extensive and ensures that there is a model for evey situation, from single group, two group and larger three group machines. 

For homes and small offices we offer automatic coffee machines, often referred to as “bean-to-cup” or “one-touch cappuccino” machines and in larger businesses, coffee vending machines are recommended. You can visit our shop here

free the barista in you

Manual espresso coffee machines

Manual espresso machines are offered in 1, 2 and 3 Group models from Wega and La Marzocco. These Italian designed and built machines come with pedigree and reliability, and are well suited for coffee shops and restaurants.

These coffee machines create quality coffee and steamed and foamed milk time after time and will be truly appreciated by any barista wanting to perfect their art.

Right Grind... Right taste


A good coffee bean grinder like a Mazzer or Wega grinder is critical for a barista to get the correct grind specification for making perfect coffee.

Grind specification is critical for good extraction and consistency in grinding is important for the barista to get this extraction just right.

bringing the coffee shop to you

Automatic coffee machines

Our range of automatic coffee machines brings one-touch coffee making to you. Using fresh milk, these machines grind the beans, pour espresso coffee and add milk at the touch of a button.

You are transported to the coffee shop everytime you make a coffee!

Compact and with various coffee drink selections, bean hopper sizes and water canister capacity, you can be sure that there is one for your needs, be it in the home or office.

brew up a pot

From small drip coffee makers through to large office filter coffee machines, we stock them all.

The art of making drip coffee with a Chemex coffee maker lies in the coffee, the grind, the heat of the water and the pour. For the office, where simplicity and speed is key, the traditional glass bowl or vacuum flask filter coffee machine comes into its own. Capable of making 10 cups of coffee in under 10 minutes, these machines hold their own in busy office and catering establishments.

no mess, no fuss


Coffee vending machines are used in offices, corporate companies, restaurants, hotels and any area where staff and customers require coffee services. They offer higher volume coffee provision and depending on their configuration, they can offer espresso, americano, white coffee, cappuccino, cafe latte, hot chocolate, flavoured cappuccino (hazelnut, caramel, vanilla etc) and even tea. The advantages are that they are always ready to serve, are hygienic as no ingredients on the counter, and cost effective because of portion control, locked away inside ingredients (no milk can be used in porridge etc) and they have the option to fit a card reader system that limits usage per person.