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Great coffee needs the right coffee beans, grinder and coffee machine… but there are many accessories that are needed to make it all happen. Browse our range of coffee making accessories to ensure you have the best tamper, tamp mat, milk frothing jug and all the other items you need to make great coffee.

Blind Filters and Rubbers

Daily backflushing of the group heads is a recommended practice for the consumate barista and we supply both the stainless steel blind filter and the rubber for this purpose.


Brushes are an essential part of any barista’s kit. They help to keep equipment and workspaces clean and come in various shapes and sizes. We supply a full range of brushes that will clean every part of the manual espresso coffee machine from a brush for group head cleaning, steam wand cleaning brush, a brush to clean the barista working area including the tamp mat area and grinder, and a set of brushes for cleaning all general surfaces of the coffee machine.

Replacement brush heads are also available.

Cleaning Chemicals

Our range includes detergent powders for manual espresso cleaning and cleaning tablets for automatic coffee machines. The descaling powder is essential for periodic boiler and hot water pipe scale removal. Milk frothing systems can be kept clean and hygienic with our milk rinse liquid.


Why not treat yourself to a flavoured coffee? We stock the Monin range of coffee syrups imported from France. With a history of flavour making for over 100 years, Monin is a world leader in coffee syrups


Using just simple gravity, drip coffee makers allow hot water to seep through the ground coffee in a filter basket or cup and to extract the flavours into the flask or cup below. Drip coffee makers generally use filter paper or fine mesh to hold back the grounds and prevent them from ending up in the extracted coffee. The Chemex and Hario brands that we supply are examples of manual coffee makers and bring an element of art to the process.

Knock boxes

Our knock box range includes both rectangular and round knock box designs. Our knock boxes are made from stainless steel.

Milk Frothing Jugs

We offer milk frothing and pouring jugs in three popular sizes, 300ml, 600ml and 1000ml to cover every coffee making situation. High quality stainless steel with great balance and hold characteristics.


A scale is essential for measuring the grammage of ground coffee in the porta filter to ensure extraction results in good flavour and depth.

Our scales measure at the micro-measurement level with 0.1g intervals to give you accurate measurement of your coffee grammage.

Shot Glasses

These are used to measure the amount of liquid extacting from the ground coffee in the portafilter. Accuracy is needed to ensure that the volume of your shot is consistent and can be timed to determine if the compaction of the ground coffee and flow rate is optimal for the barista to call “perfect”!

Measuring out 30 and 60ml shots becomes easy with our calibrated shot glasses. 


Our tamper range includes the standard 58mm stainless steel tamper and the macaron tamper.


We know that the way you tamp is highly personalised and so critical to the achieving great extraction, and so we offer you both the square tamp mat and the corner tamp mat designs. 


The thermometer is one of the most critical accessories for the consumate barista. Milk has a very small range for steaming perfection and without an accurate thermometer, you rely on feel for the steaming of milk and brew temperatures.


Timers are used to measure water flow when extracting coffee. This allows more accurate determination of the degree of tamp and grind needed to allow a specific volume of water to flow through the ground coffee in a certain time period.


Water filters ensure your water is hygienic, that unwanted chemicals are removed and that it contains the right amount of chemicals to complement your coffee. We are the exclusive Southern African distributors for Microfilter, whose products have attained NSI/ANSI certification and which are used by companies like Samsung and LG to protect their products. We supply the FX range which offers bacteria and cyst removal, chorine taste and odour reduction and even microplastics removal down to 0.1um and the VH-IEN range for scale reduction in coffee machines and any other equipment with heated water. Safe and healthy water for you and protection for your home, cafe or catering and office coffee machines. Download our Water Filter Catalogue