Compak E8 OD Grinder


Compak E8 OD Grinder

This 83mm burr size grinder is a workhorse for small to medium sized coffee stations. Key features include a powerful motor that allows you to work continuously in situations of high demand, maintaining all the properties of your coffee. High-durability tempered steel (100Cr6) burrs allow for an 800kg working lifespan and accurate particle size for grind output right yup to the last kilogramme. The multilingual touch screen also offers burr change alarm, screensaver, and total and partial dose counters, and you can easily protect your settings with its password protection option. Along with micrometric parallel system regulation, you can also clean or change burrs without losing your settings.

Key features:

  • Micrometric Parallel System adjustment
  • Direct access to the grinding chamber
  • Coffee outlet enlightened with leds
  • Motor with fan
  • Adjustable fork in height and depth
  • Front-mounted refill button
  • 2.8” High Tech touchscreen
  • Multilanguage display
  • Portafilter detector
  • Menu access protection with password
  • Dose counter, both absolute and relative
  • Wear and changing burrs alarm
  • Screensaver
  • Wireless firmware update

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Compak E8 OD Grinder

Key specifications

Motor output 630 W
Revolutions per minute 1.310 rpm
Ø Burrs 83 mm
Espresso point production 4,2 g/s
Hopper capacity 1.250 g
Height x width x depth 600 x 230 x 385 mm
Net weight 15,36 kg


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg


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