Dr Coffee C12 Coffee Machine

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Introducing You To The

Dr Coffee C12 Coffee Machine

The Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine is an automatic coffee machine that is perfect for homes and offices alike.

The machine has a large 4l water container and a 250g bean hopper. With ceramic grinder blades you get exact grinding, longer blade life and less heating of the coffee in the grinding process. With the exact grinding specification, you get the best extraction!

The Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine also has a 16g brew chamber to allow you to brew for large mugs – no watery coffee for you!

The most attractive feature is its 7 inch colour touch screen. You can set it up as a grid with 8 selections on each of two screens, or as a wheel where you flick right or left to move coffee drinks to the centre of the screen. Either way you get to select the coffee you want.

The drink recipes are pre-programmed, but you can easily customise them, either into the recipe programme, or while the drink is being prepared. This is great for offices where you may want your coffee a bit stronger and with less milk in your latte than your co-worker. The machine also allows you to store your own perfect coffee drink recipe under your name. So Anne’s coffee will be exactly what Anne likes!

The milk frother is exceptional and will provide a fine sea of bubbles with great texture and aeration. It is detachable for easy cleaning, although there is an automated milk frother and brewer cleaning cycle, so no mess, fuss or effort.

We can supply a small milk fridge to stand alongside the machine to keep your milk cool, or you can simply use a milk flask or milk carton.

All in all, this compact coffee machine is perfect for home use or in your office. For home users we offer outright sales and you will have the backup of a national technical team.

For businesses we offer coffee machine rentals along with outright sales. These rentals come with full maintenance so all you have to do is make coffee – we worry about the rest. Our most popular offer is the machine, full maintenance and 2kg of coffee delivered free every month.

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Contact us for a free demo of this amazing Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine. Why not also browse our Dr Coffee page to find the one suited for you.

The C12 Dr Coffee coffee machine for small offices and homes
The Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine has ceramic grinder, hot milk steaming and 15 drink selections
           Usage Specifications
Advised daily output 30
Hourly output (cups) 70
Beverage choices  15
        Technical Specifications
Water tank (litres) 4
Bean hopper capacity (grams) 250
Grounds box capacity (pucks) 15
Colour Touch Screen Display Yes
Display orientation Lateral
Display size (inch) 7
Rated voltage (v) 220-240
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (w) 1500
Machine weight (kg) 15
Machine Dimensions L*W*H (cm) 30.2*46.3*44.5
Capacitative touch screen Yes
One-touch milk coffee Yes
Personal coffee settings Yes
Adjustable drink parameters Yes