Dr Coffee Coffee Machines

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The Dr Coffee Range of Coffee Machines

Sometimes you just find great products at affordable pricing and the Dr Coffee coffee machine range of automatic coffee machines fits that description perfectly.

Indeed, these high quality coffee machines have been making waves in South Africa for over 6 years now and continue to rank among the highest selling models across the country. In fact, the  range has taken significant market share from the Jura, Schaerer and WMF brands as their attractive looks, functionality and price make them highly desirable coffee machines.

Customers just keep coming back for more! 

The C12 is the perfect coffee machine for small offices and homes. With its 4l water tank, 250g bean hopper, and ceramic grinder, you’ll be making great coffee in no time. This machine is designed for the 5 to 20 staff office or your home kitchen. Check out the Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine here. 

For the larger office, you’ll find the CoffeeBreak ideal. It has an 8l water tank and can be plumbed into the mains water supply too. With a 1kg bean hopper and over 24 different drink choices, you’ll allow every staff member to find a drink they’ll love. This is best situated in a 15 to 40 staff office. You can find out more about the Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak here.

The amazing CoffeeZone not only offers coffee, but has two powder canisters to deliver hot chocolate and a flavoured coffee powder like hazelnut, vanilla or caramel. Enjoy an up-market coffee experience when you press the large touch screen to make your choice. This coffee machine can be enjoyed in offices, hotels, and restaurants where up to 100 people are gathered. You can view the Dr Coffee CoffeeZone here.

All these coffee machines use fresh milk supplied from a fridge that stands next to the coffee machine. The frothing mechanism in the range is exceptional at delivering hot steamed and foamed milk into your cup – and all at the touch on the screen.

All these coffee machines are available in Our Shop.

When considering buying or renting a coffee machine, don’t forget to consider the servicing aspect. We offer a full technical support function with exceptionally quick turn around times – because we know what it’s like to be without coffee (so we’ll get it back to you pronto!)

The C12 Dr Coffee coffee machine for small offices and homes
Dr Coffee C12 Coffee Machine
Dr Coffee Coffeebreak coffee machine for use in offices
Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak Coffee Machine
Dr Coffee CoffeeZone coffee machine
Dr Coffee CoffeeZone Coffee Machine