Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak Coffee Machine

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Introducing You To The

Dr Coffee Coffeebreak Coffee Machine

The Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak coffee machine is an automatic coffee machine that is perfect for mid to large sized businesses.

The machine has a large 8l water container and a 1kg bean hopper. However, you can also connect it to the mains water supply or attach it to a 20l water barrel. So it is well suited to any business environment. 

The Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak coffee machine comes standard with a patented 16g brew chamber which accommodates coffee making when using large mugs. You’ll also get ceramic grinder blades which we view as far superior to the stainless steel grinder blades found in competing models. They not only give you longer blade life, but also reduced grinding friction which can heat up the ground coffee, releasing important volatile compounds. Precise grinding allows for perfect extraction!

The CoffeeBreak comes with three features that make it really suitable for the office environment. First, the milk supply is fed through the side of the machine, so the milk tube is hidden from view.

Second, there is a pinch valve in the milk line that allows auto cleaning of the milk system without having to remove the tube from your milk supply. You’ll always have a clean and hygienic milk system!

Third, the large 10.1 inch touch screen allows large coffee drink icons, and makes selection so much easier. It is a professional looking machine.

As with all Dr coffee machines, drink recipes are pre-programmed. However, you can customise the 24 different recipes, either directly into the recipe programme, or while preparing your drink.So staff and customers can choose exactly how strong their coffee is, and how much milk or hot water is added.

The design of the Dr Coffee milk frother allows milk to be heated to 60-70C while being steamed and foamed. Add that to a finely textured foam outcome, and you have the making of a coffee shop quality coffee.

We recommend that in offices, you add a milk fridge to stand alongside the machine to keep your milk cool, fresh and hygienic.

All in all, this coffee machine is perfect for any business environment where quality coffee is needed.

Finally, from a technical perspective, we have a national team of technicians to support the range and while we offer outright sales, we also offer businesses a range of coffee machine rentals. These rentals come with full maintenance and coffee bundles can be added. You really will not have to worry about the coffee in your business!

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Contact us for a free demo of this amazing Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak coffee machine. Why not also browse our Dr Coffee page to find the one best suited to your needs? If you need coffee and hot chocolate in your office, why not consider the Dr Coffee CoffeeZone coffee machine?

Dr Coffee Coffeebreak coffee machine for use in offices
The Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine has ceramic grinder, hot milk steaming and 15 drink selections
            Usage Specifications
Advised daily output 100
Hourly output (cups) 70
Beverage choices  24
         Technical Specifications
Water tank (litres) 8
Bean hopper capacity (grams) 1200
Grounds box capacity (pucks) 70
Colour Touch Screen Display Yes
Display orientation Lateral
Display size (inch) 10.1
Rated voltage (v) 220-240
Rated frequency (Hz) 50
Rated power (w) 1500
Machine weight (kg) 15
Machine Dimensions L*W*H (cm) 30*50*58
Capacitative touch screen Yes
One-touch milk coffee Yes
Tank/mains or bottled water supply Yes
Payment system Optional
Personal coffee settings Yes
Adjustable drink parameters Yes