Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder (900g)


Every manual espresso machine can be kept clean and in a hygienic state when using our Famous Food Co Espresso Machine Cleaning powder as part of your daily backflush procedures.

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Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder (900g)


Simple to use:

  1. Place a blind filter into a portafilter
  2. Add half a teaspoon of the product into the blind filter
  3. Insert portafilter into coffee machine and engage the group head for 10 seconds
  4. Switch off and repeat Step 3 another 4 times
  5. Remove the portafilter and discard contents
  6. Brush the group head with a group head brush
  7. Re-insert portafilter with blind filter (empty) and rinse for 10 seconds and then again for 10 seconds
  8. Remove portafilter and remove blind filter.
  9. Your espresso coffee machine is clean and ready to make coffee