FX-10 Water Filter


The FX-10 water filter is made to remove particulate matter, chlorine taste contaminants and odour from water. In addition, the addition of an ultra membrane removes cysts and bacteria at the same time. The result is clean, hygienic water without complete removal of minerals and the perfect water filter for soft water areas of less than 10 hardness units. Enjoy making great tasting coffee!

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The FX-10 water filter offers a useful life of over 22 000l .

  • High Capacity
  • High Flow
  • EP Compatible cartridge
  • Up to 18l  per minute
  • Water pressure of up to 124PSI
  • Operates between 2 to 38C
  • Useful life of 23 848 litres before replacement
  • Height: 295mm
  • Depth: 110mm

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