Mythos Duo Touch Coffee Machine



The elegant Mythos Duo Touch is a trend setter in small automatic coffee machines. Responsive touch screen and the capability to make every popular coffee drink, you’ll find this to be a very worthy addition to your home or office environment. Add to that the dual pump capacity which allows you to prepare coffee and steamed milk simultaneously and to cut down preparation time. The milk frothing device allows the creation of an exceptional foam that rivals the best traditional espresso coffee machine frothing capability! All in all a superb one touch cappuccino type coffee machine.

  • 1 kg coffee bean hopper
  • 8-14g variable brewing chamber
  • Pre-brew system
  • Dual thermoblock heating systems
  • Dual pumps for simultaneous milk and coffee pouring
  • 19 bar pump pressure
  • 6l water tank or direct water connection
  • 30-35 coffee puck waste capacity
  • 2 l waste-water tray

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Mythos Duo Touch Coffee Machine

Height of Coffee Spout: 105mm-165mm

Heating Power: 2700W

Length of Power Cord: 1.5m

Voltage/Frequency: 220-240V/50-60Hz

Dimension (D*W*H): 511x390x582mm

N.W/G.W: 17/22kg



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Weight 22 kg


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