Mythos E60 Coffee Machine

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Introducing You To The

Mythos E60 Coffee Machine

The Mythos E60 has a special place in our range of coffee machines because it offers the medium sized office affordability with the features of a machine built to work hard. It is the bigger brother of the Mythos X1.

For example, because it has a double boiler and a double pump, it can grind coffee beans and start dispensing coffee at the same time as it sends steamed milk to your cup. This reduces the waiting time for your coffee, which is important in offices where many staff may arrive at the coffee machine at the same time.

With 20 selections from the 7 inch screen, you’ll also find a beverage for the coffee tastes of every staff member in your business. 

The integrated coffee and milk cleaning programme will help keep your coffee machine clean without any effort.

The model comes with a 6l water tank, although it can also be connected to mains water. For commercial applications it can be fitted with a payment system that takes credit cards or many types of staff ID cards (compatibility will have to be determined).

Contact us for a free demo of this amazing Mythos coffee machine. Why not also browse our Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine or the Dr Coffee CoffeeBreak coffee machines to find the one best suited to your needs?

Mythos Echo coffee machine for offices
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