Mythos X1 Coffee Machine

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Introducing You To The

Mythos X1 Coffee Machine

The Mythos X1 coffee machine is made specially for use in homes and small office environments that include car dealerships, reception areas and the like. It is the smaller brother of the Mythos E60.

The compact design of the X1 still manages to fit in a 1.8l water tank that is large enough for 6 to 8 drinks.

What we like about the model is that the 6 drink choices are accessable on a touch screen, and that there is a central screen that offers information about the drink as it is made. The rotary knob in the centre allows quick dialing in of your preferred beverage, so you can change pre-set drink parameters to suit your taste very easily. This allows a family, or office staff to readily customise their drink as it is being made.

The double boiler system provides enough heat for coffee extraction and also steam generation.

One great feature is the bypass setting that allows you to create a genuine filter coffee flavour when the pump that is used to extract espresso coffee, is turned off by this bypass. Not everyone likes espresso based coffee, finding it acidic and strong, so this feature gives users a broader range of coffee flavour.

Another feature is a metal cup water plate on top of the machine, which is very useful in winter.  

When the very simple cleaning process for brewer amd milk frother system is added to the mix, you get a very functional coffee machine at a really great price.

It is not for nothing that many of our staff have one of these at home!

Contact us for a free demo of this amazing Mythos coffee machine. Why not also browse our Dr Coffee C12 coffee machine to find the one best suited to your needs? 

The Mythos X1 coffee machine offers many features that make it a very competitive entry level coffee machine for home or small office.