Rheavendors XS Grande Coffee Vending Machine


The XS Grande is a solid workhorse for any corporate environment where up to 150 cups a day are needed. With its 16g brewer, it can offer mug sized drinks as well as normal 220ml coffee servings.

With canisters for coffee, milk, hot chocolate and sugar (or a flavoured cappuccino), you’ll get up to 10 different drink choices. These could include espresso, americano, cappuccino, cafe late, hot chocolate, mochaccino, chocacinno and hot water.

Simple to use and available for sale or as a coffee machine rental.

Canisters can hold:

  • Coffee Beans: 1kg
  • Milk Powder: 1kg
  • Hot Chocolate: 2kg
  • Sugar: 1kg


In Stock


Selections: 10

Cups per day: 150

Max no. of canisters: 3

Max no. of mixing bowls: 2

Max kg in bean hopper: 1

Brewer capacity (g): 16 with Variflex technology

Electrical supply (V): 220-240

Power (W): 2100

Water Mains: Yes, can be plumbed-in

Colour: White

Height 670 mm x Depth 584 mm x Width 420 mm

Weight (kg): 34


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