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Scale Mini


Coffee making is not just an art. It’s a science experiment and weighing your coffee to point of a gram with this scale will increase your accuracy and proficiency in pouring the best shot possible. The blue illuminated display adds an attractive element.

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Scale Mini

This super accurate scale is capable of measurements down to increments of 0.01g

Essential kit for any barista trying to perfect quality and consistency in their coffee making approach.

Maximum mass of 200g.


1 review for Scale Mini

  1. 2 out of 5

    Johan van Wyk

    Good afternoon.

    I trust that you are well . I recently bought a mini Scale for one of the Kauai’s and for me the scale is working perfectly but according to the Coffee Audittor my scale is incorrect and does not work correctly. Please advise because if it is Faulty I would like to return the one that we bought from Bean Online for one that works correctly please. Please contact me via Email or 073 028 5001.

    Kind Regards

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