Water Filters

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Coffee is 98.7% water

Water Filters

The best beans are nothing without the right water quality! Water filters do more than just remove unwanted dirt and bacteria… they can condition your water to fall within the Speciality Coffee Association (SCA) guidelines for coffee making.

Why use a water filter with your coffee machine ? The answer lies in ensuring that you have the right quality water to make great coffee and that the water will not cause a limescale buildup in your boiler or hot water tubes that will damage your coffee machine.

The Speciality Coffee Association of Europe has set out the parameters for alkalinity and general hardness of water that are required for great coffee. Get these wong and your coffee will taste flat or chalky! You can read more the reasons for installing a water filter here.

Scaling up of boilers leads to poor heat transfer and ever declining water temperature of your coffee and steam, and an all round drop in coffee quality as extraction is affected. 

Ensure you have the RIGHT water filter to enjoy your coffee machine and that cup of speciality blend coffee.

Our Filters

We are the exclusive supplier of Microfilter water filters in South Africa. Microfilter are suppliers to Samsung, Bosch, LG and other leading brands and hold the sought after NSF certification in a number of classes. 

Remove bacteria, CYsts, microplastics and dirt


The FX-10 water filter is one of the first certified by NSF/ANSI in the USA to remove microplastics greater than 1um from drinking water. Microplastics pose an incredible health risk and are found in most tap water. 

This water filter removes bacteria, cysts, chlorine taste and odour and reduces turbidity.

The perfect water filter for soft water areas with a rated treatment capacity of 30 000 litres.



The key to good ice formation, and longevity of ice cubes in a drink, is water quality. Contamination of water leads to poor ice crystal formation and more rapid melting. 

The FX-15 water filter not only removes particulate matter (including microplastics) but bacteria, cysts, chlorine taste and odour and turbidity, leaving your ice, crystal clear!

With a rated capacity of 60 000 litres, your ice machine will produce great ice for a long, long time!

The FX-15 water filter for ice machines with head fitted

Solution foR hard water areas

the vh-ien range

The VH-IEN range of water filters contains an ion-exchange resin that will remove the calcium ions that contribute to water hardness. Your equipment will be protected from extensive scale build-up and also, the negative impacts on coffee taste.

These water filters have a unique pH balancing resin to ensure your water is perfect for coffee extraction.

The three options are the VH-IEN 3000VH-IEN 6000 and VH-IEN-9000 which can treat 3000, 6000 and 9000 litres of hard water (178 ppm) before replaciment is needed.

Perfect for hard water areas to condition your water for great coffee!

Making filter changes a breeze


Quick change heads allow you to change a water filter without having to turn off the water. Simple and fast and we supply both FX Quick Change Heads and VH-IEN Quick Change Heads

We also supply flowmeters to help you measure exactly how much water your water filter has processed.

We're offering YOU something extra...

When we install your coffee machine we will do a four point test to determine the quality of your water. Then we will offer you the best filter for your water and ensure that you can make great coffee. All included as part of our service.