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WEGA Coffee Machines - Italian Quality at an Affordable Price

Wega are an Italian coffee machine manufacturerWega is an Italian coffee machine manufacturer located in Susegana which is just north of Venice. While the Wega coffee machine division was started in 1985, the company has a proud tradition dating back to 1969 when Mr Nello Dal Tio founded Astoria CMS. Wega now sells its coffee machines in 135 countries on 5 continents and is a company that has gained significant market share over the past 20 years. This has resulted in a very interesting statistic – Wega currently operates the largest single espresso machine factory in the world. So if that isn’t proof of a successful company, we don’t know what is!

The reason for their success is simple: reliable, quality coffee making at a reasonable price! The combination of continual improvement through research and development and the design focus brings not only good-looking machines to your café or restaurant, but also confidence to owners that they are getting the latest technology.

Wega has a wide range of espresso coffee machines that include electronic, semi-automatic and manual machines. While you can view our range of coffee machines here, we outline the difference between these types of machine in this article.

Semi-Automatic Coffee Machines


These are commonly used in coffee shops, and they automatically push water through the group head at a consistent pressure and temperature. The barista must stop the flow when they deem the extraction to be complete. A good example is the Wega Polaris EPU

Automatic Machines


Automatic coffee machines have everything a semi-automatic has, but in addition, you can set the volume of water. The machine then stops the flow of hot water at a set volume. A good example is the Wega Pegaso

Electronic Machines

Wega W BAR EVD commercial coffee machine

The electronic machines have everything the automatic machines have, and they also allow programming of drinks. The Wega Polaris EVD for example, has 4 programmable doses per group, including a manual brewing button and a hot water tap with programmable electronic dosing.

In addition, the latest models can provide water at different temperatures as the brew proceeds, and this is programmed into the machine by the barista according to their personal preference. Automatic flushing cycles for the group heads is standard for the Wega Polaris EVD as is the ability to record brew data like the number of coffees made and when the water softener needs replacing.

Selecting the Wega coffee machine you need is the hard part because the needs of your café or restaurant may require a 1, 2 or 3 group machine. But you also need to think about how automated you want your coffee making, and that might include considerations such as the strengths of your barista and the busy periods that might place pressure on them. Last but not least, are your budget considerations as prices for the electronic machines are about 33% more than the semi-automatic range.

The good news is that Wega has a machine for every situation, and we are proud distributors and service agents of this well-known brand in South Africa. Not sure which model would suit you best? Have a look at our Wega Coffee Machines Comparison Table here or contact us for advice on the machine that will match your needs and budget.


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