Wega W-BAR, 2 Group (Raised), EVD, Coffee Machine


A machine of functional aesthetics that packs the ultimate in reliability and experience on the inside, combined with ongoing research and technological innovation. Extremely compact and intuitive, it delivers a user experience that is smart without compromise, enhanced by the addition of new vertical button panels and the extremely high-tech steam levers. Finally, it’s easy to create versatile work areas with the ability to use a combination of raised and standard-height groups

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Wega W-BAR EVD Coffee Machine

2 Group
Height: 51.5 cm
Width: 72 cm
Depth: 54.5 cm
Weight 74 kg
Voltage: 240v

An exceptional traditional espresso machine for any coffee making environment.

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Weight 74 kg
Dimensions 72 × 51.5 cm


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