Ground Coffee

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Ground Coffee

Filter coffee or “roast and ground” coffee, is simply roasted coffee that has been put through a grinder to create a powder coffee that can be used in filter coffee machines, French Press and other drip coffee equipment.


We manufacture the full range of Mugg & Bean filter coffee and other ground coffee for home and office coffee machines. . The process needs to be carefully controlled to ensure that the coffee does not burn with the friction of the grinder blades, and that the size of the resultant grind is fit for purpose.

We take great care to roast and pack the ground coffee range under controlled conditions that allow you to not only keep your coffee for longer, but also to enjoy a range of filter coffee that is expertly selected, roasted and blended for enjoyment.

Roast & Ground


The Mugg & Bean range of ground coffee is presented in 250g bags that ensure your coffee remains fresh and full of flavour.

Enjoy Italian Blend, Cafe Blend, House Blend, Espresso Blend and Mocca Java. 

Business Offering

Ground Coffee Sachets

We cater to businesses by providing 50 x 80 g individual filter coffee sachets for commercial filter coffee machines. Simple to use and lifesaving for staff and clients who can enjoy freshly brewed filter coffee.

We now also offer decaffeinated sachets as 10 x 100g for use in commercial filter coffee machines or plungers.