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Frequently Asked Questions

This is the first question we all ask ourselves when arriving at a new website. Well, Famous Brands Coffee Company has been around since 2007 and has stood the test of time. You are also dealing with a company in the Famous Brands Group, the largest food franchise operator company in Africa. We have brand reputation as supplier to Mugg & Bean, Wimpy, Vovo Telo, large retailers and others, and so are customer focused. We promise to be responsive and to look at addressing any concerns you may have. Read more about Famous Brands Coffee Company here

We hold FSSC 22000 food safety accreditation and are the highest standing coffee manufacturer on this standard in South Africa.

Companies needing to ensure their staff and clients are kept healthy and safe can use our products with confidence. 


Our coffee range includes 1kg coffee beans across a number of brands  including Loba, Barney’s Army and Mugg & Bean. There are 5 different Loba coffee bean blends and 5 different Mugg & Bean coffee bean blends on offer. 

Ground coffee is sold in 5 different 250g Mugg & Bean blends

We developed the Loba coffee range to reflect the best blend of coffee from regions where humankind has seen great changes.We see this as reflecting in our range of Loba premium coffee.

We offer 5 different blends of Loba Coffee:

Depths of Maziwa Makuu

Awakening the Nazca Plate

Dawn of the Americas

Giants of the Great Rift Valley

Mystery of Gondwana

It is very definitely eSpresso! There is no “X” in espresso so help us to educate the world (and stop upsetting the Italians!). Read this article on how to build peace on earth to understand our views on this.

There are six types of coffee machine that you can purchase to make coffee.

There are:

  1. Manual espresso machines with 2 and 3 group heads and which are best suited to commercial coffee shops and single group heads which can be used in low volume environments like homes and small offices. We supply the Wega and La Marzocco ranges.
  2. Then there are plungers, best represented by the Bodum brand.
  3. Drip coffee makers use gravity to allow hot water to move through ground coffee to extract the desirable coffee compounds.
  4. Automatic coffee machines are sometimes referred to as one-touch-cappuccino machines. They produce coffee at the touch of a button.
  5. Coffee capsule machines use small pre-loaded capsules containing coffee. Simply put one in a coffee capsule machine and start the extraction process. Very simple.
  6. Coffee vending machines are usually found in commercial areas and allow larger quantities of coffee to be made with milk, sugar and hot chocolate canisters to offer a variety of hot beverages.

Read more about these coffee machines in our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Coffee Machine

This really depends on your situation as coffee machines come in various sizes, are more appropriate for some situations and make coffee in different ways.

Do you want it for a home or office? Will you need 3 cups or 30 cups a day from it? Should it offer coffee or coffee and hot chocolate? Do you want to use fresh milk or a powdered milk?

You can certainly look at the Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Coffee Machine and if it’s an automatic bean to cup coffee machine (which most of our clients select) then take a look at our Best Coffee Machines in 2022 Review to get some ideas of what machines are on the market. 

One touch cappuccino simply means that you palce your cup under the dispensing nozzle and press a single button to get coffee and milk (foam or steamed) into your cup without doing anything further.

The Mythos range of automatic machines all make one-touch cappuccino from fresh milk.

Select from:

  1. Mythos Ena 2.0
  2. Mythos X1 2.0
  3. Mythos Excel 2.0
  4. Mythos Duo Touch

Yes we sell commercial coffee equipment (2 & 3 group manual espresso machines; automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines) and coffee machines (1 group manual espresso machines and automatic coffee machines) for home use.

The Mythos range has coffee machines suitabe for both home and office.

 The drip coffee makers are also useful in both home and office situations and just differ in the size needed.

We rent manual espresso machines, automatic coffee machines and coffee vending machines. Each coffee machine rental comes with a full service plan included and a set amount of coffee (and possibly milk and hot chocolate powders depending on the machine choice) which we deliver to you once a month at no charge.

You can order more products as needed.

Contract lengths are negotiated.

We service and maintain a wide range of coffee machines so you don’t need to worry about breakdowns. 

It is a well known fact that coffee lovers cannot do without their coffee machine so we have dedicated service technicians to undertake call outs fast.

Our service extends countrywide, so wherever you are, we can help you!

We have over 4000 parts in stock for a wide range of coffee machines. We service traditional coffee machines, automatic bean to cup coffee machines, filter coffee machines and grinders.

You can bring your coffee machine in to one of our repair centers, or we’ll come out to your site.

We offer a wide range of detergent cleaning powder, cleaning tablets, descaling liquids and also milk frothing system cleaners. All our cleaning chemicals contain only food safe chemicals so you get the cleaning power without any harmful effects.

The water in your area can range from being corrosive to scale forming and it may contain various levels of particulate matter like rust, algae fine sand etc.

It is best to remove unwanted material for health reasons and also remove chlorine taste and odour which can affect the taste of coffee.

Where necessary, calcium ions that result in scaling of the boiler and hot water pipes should also be removed and to understand if you have corrosive or hard water in your area  you’ll need to test your water and then select the correct water filter to meet your requirements.

We have a range of water filters on offer and you can look at our water filter catalogue here. We will test your water free of charge to help you make the correct decision.

It’s really easy.

Just go to the top menu click “My Account” and create your account.

Alternatively, go to the shop and when ready to purchase, set up an account as you checkout. 


We have two policies for returns.

Our coffee and consumable return policy will only take back products if they are damaged or if they are unfit for consumption. We cannot accept returns for other reasons because this involves a food product.

For non-food items, we will take back products if they are unused and in the original packaging.

You can review our returns policy here.

You sure can track your order and all you do is go to Track Order in the top menu lbar or use this link.

We will either:

  1. Courier your order to you if you are buying coffee/accessories/coffee machines (that you will install yourself)
  2. Deliver your order with our technicians if you purchase a coffee machine and request installation.
  3. Deliver your coffee machine rental with our technicians and install it.

 If you are in any doubt, just contact us before purchasing.

We use the most up to date software protection systems and comply with the POPIA Act. Your personal information will not be shared with any other entity except when your name and address is required by a courier delivery company. Read our Privacy Policy here