Mugg & Bean – Mocca Java Blend – 1kg Beans

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Mugg & Bean Coffee

Mugg & Bean Coffee

Great coffee has helped Mugg & Bean become an icon in our restaurant industry. Now enjoy the same great flavour at home or in the office.

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  • R255.00

    Mugg & Bean – Mocca Java Blend – 1kg Beans

    4.94 out of 5

    Our Mugg & Bean Mocca Java Blend is a medium to dark roast with delicate hints of fruit and walnut aroma. This premium coffee is deliciously smooth and easy drinking, and will bring back memories of one of South Africa’s best known blends.


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  • R265.76

    Mugg & Bean – Café Blend – 1kg Beans

    4.67 out of 5

    This Mugg and Bean blend has been crafted from the best coffee beans sourced from across the globe and is a medium roast coffee with a full bodied flavour. The blend offers warm spice, chocolate and stone fruit tones, that harmonise well to present a perfectly balanced flavour for any brew method. Enjoy premium coffee any time of the day.


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  • R270.54

    Mugg & Bean – Espresso Blend – 1kg Beans

    4.78 out of 5

    The ever popular Italian approach to roasting, making and drinking espresso coffee is captured in each bag of the Mugg and Bean Espresso Blend. This full bodied, yet incredibly well balanced coffee bean blend brings the Mugg & Bean taste right into your home. Enjoy with breakfast or after dinner, although we like to drink it all day.


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  • R278.82

    Mugg & Bean – Italian Blend – 1kg Beans

    4.86 out of 5

    Our Italian Blend is based on a traditional Italian espresso profile, a medium to dark roast. It is a deliciously smooth full-bodied coffee with spice and dark chocolate tones. Now you can enjoy the taste of your favourite M&B coffee at home.



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  • R285.90

    Mugg & Bean – House Blend -1kg Beans

    4.33 out of 5

    The Mugg and Bean House Blend is a medium roasted blend with the smooth, aromatic hint of almonds. It offers body and is therefore equally enjoyable as an americano, as it is behind the milk of a cappuccino or latte. Enjoy drinking this coffee at home. It is well-balanced coffee and perfect for anytime of the day.


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