Loba – Depths of Maziwa Makuu – 1kg Beans

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Depths of Maziwa Makuu

Depths of Maziwa Makuu

There is an area in Central Africa that offers beauty to the eye of the beholder. We bring you coffee from there.

The Rift Valley extends some 10 000km from Lebanon in the north down to Malawi and Mozambique in the south. Dotted along its impressive geological formation are the Great lakes. Massive expanses of deep waters that hold the secrets of the region and are captured by their Swahili name ” Maziwa Makuu”.

The deep Great Lakes hold mysteries that we have yet to see or to solve. Our coffee beans from the region hold with them some of the answers – answers on how to perfect a great tasting coffee blend.

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    Loba – Depths of Maziwa Makuu – 1kg Beans

    4.55 out of 5

    Coffee from: Uganda, Ethiopia & Rwanda

    Drink in a full-bodied, earthy blend sourced from a land brimming with undiscovered depths of East Africa. This complex cup has a fruity flavour with hints of dark chocolate that will inspire you to shine brilliantly throughout your day.

    Every bag sold contributes to the incredible work that Education Africa does in improving education quality and access and providing a multitude of fresh learning, development and capacity-building opportunities for disadvantaged South Africans.

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