Loba – Dawn of the Americas – 1kg Beans

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Dawn of the Americas

Dawn of the Americas

The mighty americas are comprised of south, central and north America. The geology of the northern part is particularly interesting because of the island mass that smashed into the east coast region and resulted in mountain ranges that run from Grennland down to Mississippi. The well known Appalachian mountains, which were as impressive as the Himalayan mountains, dwindled in size as a result.

Then 370 million years ago, another land movement ended up creating rock formations that characterise what is now Utah and Nevada.

Lands of contrast, like the Dawn of Americas blend. We use central and South American coffee beans to blend the taste of these vast connected continents.

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    Loba – Dawn of the Americas – 1kg Beans

    4.67 out of 5

    Coffee from: Brazil, Colombia & Guatemala.

    Savour a medium roast sourced at the very heart of the Americas where coffee estates have been around for generations. This premium cup has a natural sweetness with floral notes and a light body that will inspire you to give each day your all.

    Every bag sold contributes to the incredible work that Save The Children does in the areas of child protection, education and adolescent reproductive and sexual health rights, migration and child rights governance.

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