Loba Coffee – Awakening the Nazca Plate – 1kg Beans

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Awakening the Nazca Plate

Awakening the Nazca Plate

We select special South American coffee beans to pay tribute to the massive movement of the Nazca plate and how that impacted the geography of the Americas.

The Nazca Plate, which is a relatively young 23 million years old, is named after the region of southern Peru where the tectonic plate extends into the ocean. The plate movement resulted in the formation of the impressive Andes mountain range.  The oldest rocks located in the plate are around 50 million years old.

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    Loba Coffee – Awakening the Nazca Plate – 1kg Beans

    5.00 out of 5

    Coffee from: Brazil, Honduras & Colombia

    Drink in a perfectly balanced blend sourced from the rich and fertile volcanic soil of Central and South America. This complex cup with a medium body has fruity notes and a natural sweetness that will inspire you to embrace whatever comes your way.

    The logo of The Children's Hospital TrustEvery bag of this coffee sold, contributes to the incredible work that The Children’s Hospital Trust does to advance child healthcare across the Western Cape and the Continent.


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