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The Muse

Loba Coffee is inspired by the people, the land, and the ancient stories told around the fire in Africa and lands across the oceans. Every masterly crafted blend and single-origin coffee has its own story to tell. So, brew a cup and within its depths and complex flavours you too will be inspired by Loba: The Muse.

It is said a shepherd tending to his flock discovered the secrets of the coffee plant. If that is what you believe, stop here. Ignorance is bliss after all. But if you seek knowledge and are inspired by truth then carry on and discover the secrets of the first men. Before the world was made anew and cities rose to cover the earth, the first men roamed.

Every night when the sun went down and darkness came, a battle raged. You see the first men fought an unending war with the god of sleep. If they closed their eyes and embraced a dream, they would never wake, but forever serve in his sleepwalking land.

To stay awake, the first men would devour berries from the goddess tree. These would sharpen their minds, revitalise their bodies and strengthen their resolve. During a very long and difficult battle, a young maiden fell asleep while stoking the cooking fires. The goddess berries she carried fell into the flames. The resulting aroma was so strong, it pulled her awake and away from the clutches of the god of sleep. Inspired by her new-found knowledge, the maiden brewed an elixir with the roasted berries.

And thus, the first cup of what we now know as coffee was created. Sadly, the goddess tree no longer exists, but distant seeds of this ancestral tree grow throughout Africa. They can be found on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, at the Sidamo Highlands and the volcanic region of Virunga. It’s here that we source our coffee beans and create roasts so dark, deep and delicious, you cannot help but be pulled into the aromatic depths.

And there you’ll find the power with our cups – a source of inspiration, focus and whatever else you need for the day ahead.

Giant of the Rift Valley (Loba No. 1)

Ethiopian, Kenyan and Tanzanian Coffee Origins

The cries of the great stone giant shook the savannah. His booming voice shattered the silence. His hot angry tears showered molten lava and ash on the earth. You see, the great stone giant was an infant and did not know his own strength. To calm him down, a wise woman sang a slow soothing song. The tears stopped. So, did the wailing. She kept singing until he fell asleep. He sleeps still, with his head on Mount Kilimanjaro and his body hidden under his blanket, the Great Rift Valley.

Depths of Maziwa MakUU (Loba No. 2)

Ethiopian, Rwandan and Ugandan Coffee Origins

There once was a grand lake that stretched from Lake Turkana to Lake Malawi. It was so vast and deep that giant beasts, big enough to swallow an elephant, swam in its waters. But the sun god hated the grand lake. It dared to shine brighter than the sun. To show his superior brilliance, he shone brightly for ages. When he finally stopped, the grand lake was gone. He danced with glee. All that was left were small traces of the once-great grand lake. What he didn’t know was that the waters of the grand lake still existed hidden beneath the surface.

Dawn of the Americas (Loba No. 3)

Brazilian, Colombian and Gautemalan Coffee Origins

Chaos ruled the world. After years of war, the first men had finally destroyed the earth. The earth goddess cried bitterly as her creation was reduced to nothing. She had given them everything and in a blink of an eye she took it all back. All traces of the first men were wiped from the earth. To rule this new world, she carefully moulded a new people and breathed life into them. She taught them how to work the land and take care of it. To this day, they follow her guidance, never wavering, in case she comes back and takes what she gave.

Awakening the Nazca plate (loba No. 4)

Brazilian, Columbian and Honduran Coffee Origins

For 100 days and nights, the land shook and fire lit up the sky. The god of fire rained havoc upon the earth. His beloved had been taken by the jealous god of the sky. What the god of fire didn’t know was that they were in love and she had run away to be with him. But when she saw her people suffer, she sacrificed her love and threw herself into the fiery embrace of the god of fire. At once, the land stilled and ash settled on the soil enriching it for generations to come.

Mystery of Gondwana (loba No. 5)

Ethiopian and Indonesian Coffee Origins

Silence. The world was still. Nothing moved not even the wind. A lone figure wandered the endless land searching for life, but there was none. As tears fell down her face and hit the hard, scorched earth, a lush berry bush sprouted up. With every tear more plants grew. The mother of creation danced in celebration. Her steps shook and tore the earth apart revealing the waters hidden in its depths. And with a dance and tears, a new world began.

Loba Coffee is core to our "Coffee with Purpose" drive that
supports five child focused charities in their work with children