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Bean Online offers you a range of premium coffee blends, coffee accessories and coffee machines for home or office. As a premium coffee roaster providing coffee beans to South Africa’s leading coffee shops (Mugg & Bean, Vovo Telo, Wimpy etc) and restaurants (Mythos, Lupa Osteria, Paul etc) we offer you a choice of blends. Select your coffee beans and look forward to making yourself a relaxing cup of espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte in your home or office.

Our coffee machine range includes traditional coffee machines, fresh milk bean to cup (also known as one-touch cappuccino coffee machines) and coffee vending machines.

We offer to install and service your coffee maker to ensure you always have great coffee when you need it!

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Bean Online is owned by The Famous Brands Coffee Company. We supply premium coffee to all of the Famous Brands restaurants, fast food and quick service outlets. Enjoy our range of coffee beans and filter coffee while selecting from a choice of coffee machines that will turn your coffee beans into a delicious espresso, americano, cappuccino or latte!

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