A. J. Jacobs and his TED talk that explains just how many people are needed to get your daily coffee to you
Thanks a Thousand : A Gratitude Journey

Imagine Thanking Everyone Who Played a Part in Bringing You Your Morning Coffee? Here’s someone who did…


A.J. Jacobs set out to thank every person, in person, who had in some way contributed to getting him his morning coffee. His quest took him across the globe and ended up with him thanking more than a thousand people!

Who knew that so many people sit behind the scenes of your cup of coffee? From the barista in his local coffee shop to the farmers in Colombia, and a multitude of others in between…. like the truck drivers, the manager of the water purification plant, the people who build coffee machines and even the designer of the all important sip lid, each has their own story to tell.

His journey also resulted in him learning some valuable life lessons, and from being someone who only noticed the things that go wrong, he learned that “Happiness does not lead to gratitude. Gratitude leads to happiness”.

In this Ted Talk, he introduces us to this incredible journey and five of the many lessons he learned along the way.

The book is called “Thanks A Thousand: A Gratitude Journey” by A. J. Jacobs published by Simon & Schuster/ TED (November 13, 2018).

Here’s a TED Talk video where the author introduces you to his journey. Enjoy!


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